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Steven Moffat Exterminates Those ‘Doctor Who’ Rumors

By on August 26, 2011

Doctor Who is returning to screens in the UK and US this weekend with the second half of its sixth season.  Although ratings continue to remain high for the show, rumors from the British tabloid press have dogged the production all year.  Budgetary problems, behind the scenes power struggles, rumors of cast departures and reductions in the episode order for 2012 are just some of the stories circulating this year.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat finally laid those rumors to rest.

Absolute nonsense,” Moffat said.  “First of all, we are airing in 2012. The only thing that’s happening is that we’re moving a bit later. There’s lots of reasons for that that will become clear quite soon. It is certainly not a reduced episode count. Do you think the BBC would really let that happen? With an average audience of 10 million? Doctor Who’s international profile is huge. It’s never been more successful. You’re not going to reduce a show like this. The opposite is going to happen, in fact.

Asked to comment on the upcoming episode Let’s Kill Hitler Moffat said “It’s an absolute cracker. I can’t tease but I can give you some promises. Answers will be given. We’re not playing at really being Lost.  

“You will know what’s really going on on that beach, you will know the truth about River Song, which you don’t know yet. It’s pretty much answer, answer, answer in a way.  The great thing about the River Song conundrum is that every time you get an answer, it makes you ask another question.”



One Comment

  1. Spacecadet

    August 26, 2011 at 11:51 am

    Yay answers! Boo more questions!

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